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Kitchen Accessories

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Kitchen Accessories

Our wide range of practical kitchen accessories offer pleasing functionality along with a choice of appealing finishes so you can match all your tapware to enrich your space.

Once you have found your dream sink and tapware, it is time to find your matching accessories. We understand your kitchen accessories need to be practical and convenient to use without compromising on appearance.

ABI offers a range of durable kitchen accessories, which combine outstanding quality with modern design. Our sink protectors, waste baskets, colanders and drainers are built to complement your ABI taps and sinks in both function and design. All of our accessories are coated with our industrial grade physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating or ABI’s advanced electroplating application (AEA) coating to create a durable finish, minimising scratches and wear and tear.

Our kitchen accessories are available in a range of colours to suit your kitchen design, including brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal and stainless steel. If you are planning to use any of our accessories on sinks that aren’t provided by ABI, please check the specification sheet to make sure it is suitable before purchasing.

Our kitchen sink protectors

Even though our stunning range of sinks are constructed from the most durable materials and finishes, minor scratches and marks from day-to-day living are inevitable. Our sink protectors sit on the bottom of your sink, and prevent heavy pots, pans and hard cutlery from scratching its surface. They are designed to seamlessly fit in your sink while matching your kitchen’s overall style.

Our kitchen sink baskets

Sink waste baskets are great for stopping food scraps going down your drain and clogging your pipes. Our sink waste baskets are made from high-quality stainless steel, are available in a range of finishes to match your tapware and are easy to remove and clean as necessary.

Our kitchen sink colanders

Our Felicity kitchen sink colander is the perfect companion for your ABI sink, to make washing and straining easy and convenient. Constructed from high grade stainless steel, our colander features a simple but sleek design. It is built for long-life durability and intensive use.

Our kitchen sink drainers

Dry dishes and cutlery conveniently with our stainless steel Penelope Sink Drainer. This mat is simply rolled over the surface of the sink and features self-gripping rubbers to hold it securely to the benchtop or to the sink itself. This sink drainer is designed for robustness and practicality and does not compromise on your kitchen’s style.

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