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Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom Vanities

We have a range of bathroom vanities that will enrich your space with their elegant designs and stylish finishes.

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Combining a contemporary design with minimalism in mind, all of ABI’s modern bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity cabinets are either wall-mounted or freestanding to open up your space and provide a plush presentation. You can customise the finish of your bathroom vanity to suit your individual space and personal preference.

Our vanity cabinets are available in a range of colours and materials. Choose a sink cabinet or modern vanity design to effortlessly complement your bathroom style, from the refined Addison to the freestanding Arki. 

Our Range

Our bathroom vanity designs range from a small vanity unit (aka small bathroom vanity) or elongated one-drawer vanity design to some larger two-drawer or two-cupboard designs. There is also a resourceful double vanity (or double vanity unit) option that incorporates open shelves. 

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities

We have a range of floating vanities to suit an array of spaces. These range from our compact Kyah, which incorporates a shelf underneath and our elegant Rylan, which has a row of drawers and is also available in additional finishes including shaker. For example, for the sides and the drawers, you can choose to have the finishes in either white 2PAC, white ash oak, pure oak, black oak, walnut and white VJ.

We also feature the Addison, which has two rows of multiple drawers that can feature up to six with shelving in between as required. The Archer combines cupboards and drawers for a smart seamless appearance. 

Please note: These bathroom vanities are designed to be wall hung bathroom vanities (ie they are floating vanity units) and not floor mounted.

Freestanding Bathroom Vanity Units

We also range the Arki that are freestanding bathroom vanities. These freestanding bathroom vanity units incorporate cupboards rather than drawers and are available in black oak, matte white, pure oak, shaker matte white, VJ matte white, walnut and white ash oak.

Please note: These bathroom vanities are floor mounted and are not designed to be wall hung.

Our Vanity Finishes

Our bathroom vanities for sale are available in a range of appealing finishes to help define your space. For laminate surfaces, these include pure oak, white ash oak, walnut, and black oak, (eg. black bathroom vanity) while for 2Pac, you have the option of either a simple flush white, VJ matte white or refined Shaker matte white.  
ABI’s vanity tops are made from either composite stone, a manufactured stone that is lightweight and durable and comes in a variety of colorways, or quartz, an engineered stone also available in a range of colours. For some of our other vanities, you also have the option to have a laminate top.  

Glacier white, cirrus and carrara make up the material elements of our composite stone. Acrylic solid surface is an advanced composite of aluminium-tri-hydrate and methyl methacrylate (MMA). It’s blended at a ratio of 69% natural stone powder with 1% colour pigments and 30% polymer resins, making it a most ideal and practical material. 

Our engineered quartz stone is artificially synthesized by more than 80% quartz crystals with additional resin and other trace elements. It is pressed by a machine under special physical and chemical conditions. Quartz stone is non-radiation and defined by its hardness. This makes these countertops reassuringly scratch resistant.

Our Vanity Construction

Both our floating bathroom vanities and freestanding bathroom vanities are constructed from high-density moisture resistant particle board for durability assurance. Either 2Pac or laminate is bonded to the surface of the cabinetry.  

2Pac stands for ‘Two Pack Paint’- an acrylic enamel paint system. This is a hardened paint finish that can be applied to cupboard doors and drawers. It begins as two liquids; one is a resin made up of acrylic paint and melamine and the other contains a hardener called polyisocyanate resin. When these two liquids are mixed together a chemical reaction occurs causing the mix to harden.  

Laminate is manufactured using resin-impregnated decorative paper that is bonded by heat and pressure to both sides of an MDF or particleboard sheet. 

Bathroom Vanities: FAQS

How are the basins positioned upon the bathroom vanity?

All ABI basins are centred to the drawer fronts of the bathroom vanity unit, floating vanity or powder room vanity. If you choose a two-drawer wood vanity, your basin will be installed on either the left or the right or both sides if you choose to have a double basin.

Please Note: ABI does not provide cut out holes in your benchtop for your basins, the positioning refers to the waste allowance in the drawer only. Your onsite installer will need to assist you with this.

Do your bathroom vanities come with cutouts in the vanity tops and if they don’t who can I get to do that for me?

Our bathroom vanities do not come with pre-cut holes to the stone or timber top for your bench mixers and basins. These are to be cut onsite by the purchaser at their discretion.

Are vanity plumbing cut-outs just in one drawer or do they cut all the way through with a 2-drawer bathroom vanity?

Our wall hung vanities come with centre cut-outs to top drawers only to allow for wastage pipes. You can select at the time of purchase how many drawers with cut-outs are required.

Can you undermount a sink in these wooden vanity units?

This is possible, however, there is a high chance that the drawer unit where the sink is mounted would need to be fixed shut.

Help With Choosing a Bathroom Vanity for Your Space

If you need advice or guidance with your wall hung vanity or freestanding vanity, please get in touch with our team here and our sales team will assist you.

Alternatively, questions about freestanding vanity units or double sink vanities can be addressed via email to: 

For further advice and a bit of history behind ensuite vanities or timber bathroom vanities that include wall hung vanity units (or wall mounted vanities) why not read our blog: 

Bathroom Vanities: A Historical Evolution

ABI bathroom vanities are sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart. 

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