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Cabinetry Handles

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Cabinetry Handles

We have a stylish range of cabinetry handles that will bring definition to any space.

Cabinetry pulls and knobs add a polished touch to the overall look of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or laundry. They can be beautiful accents or minimalist parts of a modern design. Selecting and placing your pulls and knobs is also a key part of a convenient and usable drawer and cupboard design.

ABI offers a range of cabinetry pulls and knobs that combine excellent durability with stylish contemporary design. Our range is designed to provide the ideal accents for contemporary kitchens, perfect for cupboards, cabinets, and slim and heavy drawers. Each piece is coated in ABI Heat Shield, an industrial grade PVD electro-colouring system that produces a corrosion resistant coating to withstand repeated use.

Our cabinet pulls and knobs are available in a diverse range of colours, including brushed brass, matte black, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and rose gold. Choose a colour and style that complements your overall kitchen or bathroom style, from the bold Havana knob to the sleek and understated Beta pull. You can also choose a variety of knobs and pulls that complement each other for use around your kitchen.

Our range of knobs

We offer a range of contemporary, stylish, knobs to suit different kitchen and bathroom designs. Our knobs are usually smaller in size than our pulls and are best suited for cabinets or slim drawers. If you are looking for a simple, sleek, rounded knob try our Elsa or Sama designs. For a modern style that is also easier to grip, choose our Tezra textured knob. We also have more ornate knob designs, such as our Havana, Perla and Isla knobs.

Our range of pulls

We offer a versatile range of elegant vertical and horizontal pulls to suit any cupboard, drawer or cabinet. Our pulls are designed to be mounted in different ways to bring the perfect accent to your overall kitchen or bathroom design. Our Imes and Scalo pulls are modern crescent designs with a robust hand feel that bring a beautiful look and feel to plain drawers and cabinets. We also offer a range of sleek and minimalist drawer pulls, such as the Rappana and Beta pulls. Our pulls are hand folded and welded using high grade stainless steel for a satisfying feel and lasting strength.

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