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Basin/Sink Tapware

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Basin/Sink Tapware

Your basin is not only an integral part of your design concept, but is also used more than any other part of your bathroom. The right tapware will match your basin’s proportions and style, and offer a smooth and precise experience.

ABI offer a range of stylish basin tapware, which combine outstanding quality with contemporary design. Our basin tapware provides a seamless experience, so you can enjoy precise temperature and pressure control.

Our basin tapware is available in a range of colours, including matte black, brushed copper, brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and brushed nickel. Choose a design to compliment your bathroom’s style, from the minimalistic Milani, to the sleek Magnus.

Our tapware range

We offer contemporary, stylish designs to heighten your bathroom experience.

Milani is perfect for a minimalistic style that is intuitive to use and easy to install. We also offer the Milani Hob mixer, which uses cutting edge progressive cartridge technology to save water and help the environment.

Magnus features a sleek, modern style that provides precise temperature and pressure control, while Elysian offers a sophisticated and luxurious design to give your basin a decorative finish.

Tips for choosing basin tapware

Your basin tapware should match your other tapware, and enhance the overall design concept of your bathroom. It should be proportionate to the size and style of your basin. If you have chosen a tall or bench-mounted basin our extended tapware may provide a better fit for your bathroom.

When you choose your basin tapware, you will need to decide between a single tap system or mixer system. In a single tap system, both the cold and hot water taps are turned separately. By contrast, mixer systems allow for the temperature to be adjusted with one handle, which is more convenient to use and easier to install. Our designs use a mixer system for a simple and stylish experience. For more environmentally conscious basin tapware, you can also consider a progressive mixer system to reduce your water usage.

Browse our range of tapware today. If you’re not sure which tapware is right for your basin, please get in touch and our sales team will assist you.

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