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Rain Shower Heads

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Rain Shower Heads

Adding style and sophistication to your bathroom space, our range of rain shower heads are available in both round and square designs and in a broad range of finishes.

Buy Rain Shower Heads Online in Australia

What defines the rain shower experience is how the balance of water flow and pressure imitates that feeling of showering in the rain. Individually positioned spray nozzles ensure the water trickles from every segment of the rainfall shower and it’s this unique full body coverage that enhances showering to provide the best rain shower heads.

Fortunately, our range of rain showers are all about providing superior showering that transforms the routine wash into something truly memorable. Available to purchase both in-store or online, along with delivery straight to your door, the ability to experience a rainfall shower just became easier. We offer delivery of our rain shower heads across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.

Our Rain Shower Range

Available in both round and square designs, our rain showers will redefine your bathroom space. With a solid brass construction, both our square and round big shower heads provide a finely distributed water system that provides full coverage while you shower along with vibration absorption and insulation.

As a quality rainfall shower head that is available in eight different colours, our Dana Round Shower Heads stands apart as the premium overhead shower head.

Presented in three finishes our Cara Square Shower Heads are an equally large rain shower head but features a sharper-edged design.

Our Rain Shower Head Colour Range

To cater for an array of personal preferences, our over head shower heads are available in some appealing finishes that includes for the Cara Square Shower Heads brushed nickel, conventional chrome or matte black.

A broader colour choice for our Dana Round Shower Heads means they are available in such finishes as brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, conventional chrome and minimalist matte black or white.

Why Choose an ABI Rain Shower?

Quality assurance is guaranteed when purchasing an overhead shower head from ABI.

Elegant Design

Our rainfall shower heads will instantly enrich your bathroom. This is due to their sleek, streamlined design that makes an eye-opening statement.

Comprehensive Finish/Coating Treatments

Providing superior coating reinforcement, our shower heads are treated with either PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), AEA (Advanced Electroplating Application) or PSLT (PrimeShield Lacquer Technology) which is determined by your choice of colour finish. These treatments act as a defensive barrier that prolongs the durability and corrosion resistance of your product. Therefore, it extends the life of your shower head.

Premium Quality Rain Showers with Reassuring Warranty

Both our Dana Round and Cara Square Shower Heads come with 10 years structural warranty and 5 years finish/coating warranty. This guarantees their quality and means you can feel confident that you have purchased one of the best rain shower heads.

Easy Installation

Our rain heads are designed with standard size fittings that ensure an easy installation or direct swap in your home, while you can easily complete your shower with one of our elegant droppers or arms. You can also have your rain shower function as either an overhead shower head that protrudes from the ceiling or as a wall shower head or twin wall shower heads that can accommodate couples.

Deciding Which Rain Shower to Buy

We have made the process of selecting the right rain shower for you straight-forward. With our range of either square or round rainwater shower head designs to choose from, along with a broad selection of finishes, we cater for an extensive range of tastes. Our colours include everything from traditional matte black, white and chrome to finishes like brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal and brushed copper, amongst others.

Also, our friendly sales team are on hand to help you meet your interior design preferences and needs. You can either visit one of our showrooms or email us at sales@abi-international.com.au.

Rain Shower Head FAQs

How high should you mount a rain shower?

The standard install height for a rain shower is 2.1 metres from the floor. You need them to be higher than you in order to experience that unique rainfall shower effect.

How do I clean my rain shower head?

Clogging rainfall shower heads can certainly restrict the water flow, which unsurprisingly has a major impact on the effectiveness of your showering experience.

To prevent the build-up of residue, you should clean your shower head weekly with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth.

What does a rain shower feel like?

Designed for you to experience that unique feeling of showering in the rain, the rain shower is all about a very satisfying full body wash. The soothing feeling of falling rain, along with the complete coverage that the larger overhead shower head provides means this is a very satisfying showering experience.

What size is a rain shower head?

Rain showers are comparatively larger than regular rain shower heads. The rain head shower is all about providing entire body coverage as you shower, ensuring a more relaxing, water efficient and comprehensive washing experience that leaves you feeling truly energised.

Both our Dana Round Shower Heads and Cara Shower Heads are 250mm in diameter with a height of 53mm. However, when you purchase a Nava Shower Dropper the ceiling drop extends that height by a further 300mm.

Rain shower versus regular shower head

As mentioned, the rain head shower is all about providing entire body coverage as you shower, ensuring a more relaxing and water efficient washing experience. While regular shower heads may have increased water pressure* and a degree of position flexibility, you won’t be experiencing that full showering impact that comes with one of our large shower heads. In addition, more movement would be required during your wash which isn’t necessary with a rainforest shower head.

*This isn’t to say that our rain showers aren’t considered high pressure rain shower heads.

Need Assistance Regarding Purchasing a Rain Shower Head?

Our friendly team of experts are ready to help with your bathroom rain shower head purchase. You can email them at: sales@abi-international.com.au. Also, our shower set checklist will ensure all the necessary parts for your bathroom are not overlooked.

Our rain shower range is completely compatible with all ABI shower tapware. Check out our Finley Shower Rail Set that provides all the components for a stress-free fit.

*Please note: this set does not include a mixer. However, you can purchase one separately from our shower mixer selection here.

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