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Shower Taps and Mixers

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Shower Taps and Mixers

Your shower is the perfect place to self-care and rejuvenate, so beautiful and responsive tapware is essential. The right shower tapware will enhance the style and ambiance of your bathroom, and provide a smooth and relaxing experience.

ABI offers a range of modern shower tapware, which combine outstanding quality with sophisticated contemporary design. Each piece is created using an industrial grade physical vapor deposition (PVD) electro-colouring system or ABI’s advanced electroplating application (AEA) coating for a durable, beautiful finish. From luxurious rain shower heads for your master bathroom, to stylish and durable hand showers for your children, find your perfect shower tapware in our range.

Our shower tapware is available in a range of colours, including brushed brass, brushed copper, matte black, white, brushed nickel, chrome, white and rose gold. We have a range of designs to complement your bathroom’s style, from our striking square Cara shower heads, to our minimalist Milani mixers.

Choosing your shower tapware set

Your shower tapware should match your other tapware, and complement the shape of the basin, vanity, and bathtub you have chosen for your bathroom. When selecting your shower tapware, you will have two key choices to make.

Rain shower head, handheld shower head, or both?

Rain shower heads deliver a luxurious overhead experience, and are steadily growing in popularity. Our rain shower heads are designed with 180 rubberised water outlets, delivering premium water flow, temperature and consistency. They can be mounted from the ceiling using a dropper, or the wall of the shower using a wall arm.

Handheld shower heads can provide more convenience, and can be easily moved. Our hand shower heads use a direct water jet system to ensure effective water usage and strong pressure, with minimal overspray. They require a shower hose, shower BP, and shower rail or hand clip.

For the most flexible shower experience, you can include both a rain and hand shower head as part of your shower tapware. We offer stunning all-in-one shower rail sets designed for durability and versatility. These combined sets also include a shower diverter, to channel the water between the rain shower head and the hand shower head.

Mixer or assembly tap?

When choosing your shower tapware, you’ll need to decide between a mixer and double assembly taps. Mixers allow you to adjust the water pressure and temperature using a single tap, and suit more modern, minimalistic design styles. You can also choose a progressive mixer to save water without compromising precision or performance.

Assembly taps allow you to separately control the pressure of the hot and cold water. These separate dials provide a sleek look for precise control, and are ideal for a combined shower and bathtub.

When choosing shower tapware, there are a lot of options to consider. If you’re not sure which tapware is right for your shower, please get in touch and our team will assist you.

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