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Bottle Traps

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Bottle Traps

Our bottle traps are available in a range of colours to enable you to match them with your tapware.

The right basin components not only complete the overall look of your bathroom, but are functional and hygienic, perfect for daily use. Bottle traps can add a stylish touch to your basin, while saving much needed space.

ABI offers a range of quality bottle traps, which combine long-term durability with contemporary design. Our bottle traps are made from brass and coated with our industrial grade physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating or ABI’s advanced electroplating application (AEA) coating for ultimate wear resistance. To show our commitment to quality, each product comes with a minimum five-year structural warranty.

Our Marli and Mateo bottle traps are plumber-friendly, with a sleek minimalistic style. All our bottle traps feature adjustable arms for both height and distance, making them easy to install while still providing flexibility in design. This allows you to line up your tapware and sink for a perfect finish.

Each bottle trap is available in a range of colours to match your basin tapware, including brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed nickel, chrome, white, matte black, and rose gold. Choose an option that matches the design and finish of your bathroom fittings for a seamless look.

What is a bottle trap and why do I need one?

When you think about tapware, bottle traps aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, they play an important role in your basin. When you use your basin, the water goes down the drainage pipe and into the sewer waste. Without your bottle trap, smells and gases from the sewer can flow back into your bathroom, creating an unpleasant smell.

Your bottle trap prevents odours by keeping a section of sealed water in your pipes. When the gases waft up from your pipe system, they are blocked by the accumulated water in the trap. This keeps your bathroom smelling fresh. However, we believe bottle traps can do more than just play an important role in your bathroom plumbing. Our modern bottle traps also add a stylish touch to your basin, and create visual interest in your piping.

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